PR Press

Wall Street Journal. “For BP, the Crisis Has Become One of Leadership.”
That’s what people tend to do when there’s real leadership at the top. Or, Mr. Hayward could just keep doing what he’s doing, pretending it’s a bad dream, waiting for someone else to take control.

Business Insider. “21 Big Names in PR Reveal the Most Disastrous Publicity Mistakes They’ve Seen.”
Get out of your own way. Don’t create your own hurdles by spending too much time on who you want to be instead of who you are.

American Express Open. “How Much Pro Bono Work is Too Much?”
If you’re counting on turning a pro bono client into an eventual paying customer, you’re setting yourself up for a terrific disappointment.

Investors Business Daily. “Work? Take It With You.”
How to handle data on the go: Fix it faster. Philip Chang knows what it’s like to solve on-the-spot problems.

Chicago Tribune. “Choosing not to drink, just because.”
It’s possible to stay sober without sacrificing your friends or social life. To avoid overdrinking at business dinners…

Illinois Meetings & Events. “2nd Annual Nature of Influence Conference.”
The goal was to bring together influencers in a variety of industries and communities to engage in an interactive discussion about using social networks to encourage positive changes.

NBC Inc.Well. “Should Your Restaurant Go After Dark?”
Philip Chang, a partner at Carbon, predicts we’re going to see more and more because “chains are simply catching onto what restaurants downtown have already been doing… [but] chains hire consultants to create cocktail programs that can also be quickly and easily made.”

HR Communication. “Tear down those silos! Comms departments more united than ever.”
A shift in a company’s business situation, a culture change or a new management style can be the trigger toward thinking about communicating in a different way.

PR Daily. “Should PR pros get accredited?”
Where there are competing organizations, there are competing credentials and consequently, it diminishes the value of the credential.

AppNova. “Despite what you sell, Tumblr is good for your business. Very good.”
We agree with Mr. Chang, although I would go so far to say brands could even forget about their identities, on Tumblr. Once again, it doesn’t matter what you sell, just find something that is somehow related to your areas of expertise.

Sprout Social. “4 Experts on Why Tumblr is Essential for Business.”
Increasing your chances of success on Tumblr by appealing to its users’ more visually-based demand for content is a sentiment that’s echoed by PR agency executive, Philip Chang.

Direct Marketing News. “Marketers Split on Impact of Mixed Postal Promotions.”
Direct mail is a consumer experience you hold in your hand, whereas QR codes make more sense for customers at the point of sale.