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Hult Prize @NTU supported by the United Nations (UN)
Hult Prize @NTU gives students the opportunity to pitch your start-up idea for how to improve the world.

Hult Prize @ National Taiwan University
With the goal of educating and engaging students at its core, this international prize has created a platform to support the launch of social enterprises that are tackling seemingly intractable global challenges.

Keeping Taiwan Beautiful — Taipei Times
Taiwan National Clean Up Day found a number of locals and expats in the mountains and on the beaches cleaning up… (more)

IC 97.5 “Climate Battle in Taiwan”
(In Chinese) Discussed sustainability trends in European industries with Mr. Wim Chang, Deputy Executive Director of the Delta Electronics Foundation. Climate Battle interviews key figures every week, to analyze the newest environmental, energy, and climate change issues.

NTU GMBA Team Wins Top Prize at National Competition of Entrepreneurship for Sustainability
Congratulations to GMBA students R. Shyam Shankar (India), Brian Blankinship (USA), Philip Chang (USA/Taiwan) and PhD candidate Tanmoy Kundu (India) for winning the top prize.


Do You Bet on Teams, or Ideas? — Points and Figures
Phil Chang wrote an interesting piece about meeting high quality people.  His thoughts echo what I have learned from Chicago Booth professor Ron Burt and collaboration.  People that don’t reach out to other people don’t expose themselves to the risk that something cool could happen. 

“Demons” by Philip Chang — Be the One Light
There’s a Tennessee Williams quote I rely on, and no, it’s not the one about strangers and gratitude.

C / F A N – Philip Chang
A person’s passions will govern their boundaries, and that, is also when it all goes to hell, so anything I can do to bring out their best is a way of informing me what they are capable of.

Major Press

Wall Street Journal. “For BP, the Crisis Has Become One of Leadership.”
That’s what people tend to do when there’s real leadership at the top. Or, Mr. Hayward could just keep doing what he’s doing, pretending it’s a bad dream, waiting for someone else to take control.

Investors Business Daily. “Work? Take It With You.”
How to handle data on the go: Fix it faster. Philip Chang knows what it’s like to solve on-the-spot problems.

Trade Media

HR Communication. “Tear down those silos! Comms departments more united than ever.”
A shift in a company’s business situation, a culture change or a new management style can be the trigger toward thinking about communicating in a different way.

Direct Marketing News. “Marketers Split on Impact of Mixed Postal Promotions.”
Direct mail is a consumer experience you hold in your hand, whereas QR codes make more sense for customers at the point of sale.